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We gather as a faith community around the making and sharing of bread. Everyone is welcome to join us.  We have job seekers, homeless people, businessmen and businesswomen, single mums and single dads with children, asylum seekers, retired people, teenagers, people with mental health problems, the list is very long! 

Somewhere Else relies on its facilitators.  We come from all walks of life, have many different interests but all share a love of our Bread Church and the rewards it brings working here.  

During our bread-making, lots of people help with the washing up. Afterwards we set the table for lunch and finally tidy everything away before taking our bread home.

Our facilitators make the soup and look after the bread in the ovens. 

Kit enjoying her tea break, while in the background, Ian and Caroline do the washing up.





Ged has been coming to SWE for a few years.  He is now a trained facilitator, who enjoys experimenting with different types of bread.  You will often see him here at our evening baking sessions accompanied by his two daughters.  They have become expert bakers and are also very skilled at making the toast for the beans or spaghetti on toast that we sometimes have at the evening sessions.

Fran has been a member of our community for over 10 years, during which time she completed her facilitator's training, which she says she enjoyed very much.

She bakes an excellent white bread roll for lunch. 


Most Thursdays Andrew comes with Len, his support worker.  "Andrew always enjoys coming here," says Len, "he's always laughing and smiling and gettng stuck in kneading the dough.


 I always enjoy coming to work to support Andrew, he's great company."





Lou is one of our newer facilitators.  She is  always has a smile for new people and enjoys meeting up with the community each week.  You will often find her baking on a Thursday.

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