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During the month of June (2022), we have loved welcoming new people to SWE. 

Becky appeared one day after having found us through this website. She was staying in Liverpool for a short while from Texas, USA. We enjoyed sharing conversation with her. 


Clement was "... amazed with the peace and love the place provides for us. It is a lovely experience to meet people. God bless Somewhere Else."

The Lauda team from St Luke in the City enjoyed a day at SWE, experiencing how church is done "differently."


One of the team, an intern from Virginia, USA wrote this in our visitor book - 

"This experience has been wonderful! I love church and I love baking bread so this is my perfect kind of day! I cannot wait to come back again!" Charlotte.

Comments from a little while ago

"What a fabulous experience to turn up as a complete stranger and be welcomed in to make friends and share life, whilst making a loaf of bread.  A truly wonderful experience that has inspired me to consider how this could be emulated in my own city.  A special thanks to Pete who expertly guided me through my first bread making experience. God bless you all."

Pete from Derby.

On our first day baking in 2020, we were visited by 2 Alans from Belfast, who had flown over to observe what we do here at Somewhere Else, with a view to maybe beginning something similar in North Belfast.  Here is what they said:


"The beautiful smell of bread was a beautiful as the presence of love.  Thank you."


"What a day is has been being here.  Thank you for letting us be part of this special time."

Painting by Rev Sally Binymin

"On behalf of us all (a group from Gateshead), thanks so much for a superbly welcoming day at SWE. ... My eight bread rolls blessed a very surprised Spanish priest, two younger men in their work gear of hard hats etc., and five homeless people.  It was a joy to share freshly baked bread." Rosemary


"Quartième fois, c’était vraiment bien, drole, et le repas était excellant! Merci!

Fourth time, it was really good, fun, and the meal great! Thank you!" Louis from France.


"Wow! What a welcome to a stranger visiting for the first time. Thank you for helping me to feel at home with you today, your hospitality was fantastic. Just like Jesus." Rev. Tony Hand


"I've been coming for a good few weeks now and this is a very supportive, inclusive space with lots of friendly people.  They provide a lot and the people are very helpful.  Glad that the soup is vegan: always tastes good. I love that the volunteers get a clap for their work..." Kadisha

Fresh homemade soup and warm rolls for lunch

“I have not enough words to say how glad I am for some time in this wonderful place and how thankful I am for the lessons, for the laughter and for the friendship which I will carry in my memory and heart forever.” Jeff from Brazil


“What a lovely welcoming space in the heart of the city… interesting, fun-filled, productive and peaceful…. The chance to reflect, discuss and pray.. I thought the candle lighting was the perfect touch…” Jean


“Once again, a fantastic experience.” Keith


"A very special experience: a safe haven from the storms of life.” Jenny


"What a special place, a truly lovely experience.  I felt very at home as I know God is in the house.  Keep up the wonderful work, hope to visit again soon! God bless" Maureen


"Had a brilliant time.  My first visit. Love it, great help from Pete and Monica." Shirley.


"Brilliant bread making.  Beautiful buddies." Bary


"First time supporting Jen at the bread church today.  It's been a lovely moring very warm and welcoming.  Looking forward to coming back.  Thank you," Sam                                                     

"Thank you again for a welcoming and kind experience at bread church, myself and Rebecca enjoyed ourselves and the yummy soup."  Laura.

The Cloud Room

"I am…  from China and this bread church gave me a wonderful experience… I made bread … new friends… it makes my life more colourful.” Hong


"The warmth, welcome care of the workers at the Bread Church is yet again unchanging and life-affirming.” Janet


"Haven’t been for a wee while.  Another lovely, peaceful, serene day at the bread church.” Mike


“Making bread with you all today was very calming and warming.  I have walked down Bold Street numerous times and have never known the magic happening in this building.  A truly special place, with truly special people….” Hannah


"Cracking of my few loaves that did rise.  Thanks for really practical tips and for your open hearts and hands." Liz from


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