Somewhere Else
Somewhere Else

A typical day at the Bread Church 

In the bread room

The buzz and atmosphere at the Bread Church are very special

Pictures left to right

  1. We always wash hands before starting.
  2. Tina concentrates on mixing her dough
  3. Welcome back Kit!  After a lengthy break, it's good to see her again
  4. Men at work - Paul and Ian discuss Paul's dough
  5. Clare, Gemma and Caroline shape lunch rolls
  6. Chris takes a break

....more from the breadroom

Pictures left to right

  1. Cheryl loves washing up!
  2. Milly and Sally enjoy a break from washing up
  3. Harry's about to put his lunch rolls in the proving oven

The Cloud Room

Before lunch, everyone is invited to Reflections in the Cloud Room

Robert, a member of our community, creates beautiful displays.

Thank you to our visiting clergy last year. 

Celebrating diversity

The prayer table in the Cloud Room has been transformed for Lent (top left), to mark a period of fasting, charity and prayer.

Robert, who designs the displays, created the middle design with gratitude in mind to all of the visiting clergy who contributed their time and presence to the Tuesday and Thursday breadmaking and worship sessions while Rev. Ian Hu was on sabbatical leave.
Another design was celebrating the diversity (top right) in our community and the wider world.


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