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OPP - One Programme Participant - 2020/2021

Hi, my name is Chris and I am delighted to have been appointed as the One Programme Participant for this year at SWE - The Bread Church. I look forward to meeting everyone in this community and bringing something to contribute to its work.


A little background about me: I am from Crosby, just north of Liverpool and am glad to return home from 4 years at university in Lancaster and New Zealand studying an MSci in Earth & Environmental Science. I am passionate about the outdoors, spending much of my free time walking in the Lakes or bird watching at local nature reserves. Connecting with the environment and with the communities I have been part of has been very important in connecting me with God. I’m also a keen musician, having played Tenor Saxophone in various bands for the last 10 years as well as tinkering on piano and guitar!


What I’m looking forward to over the next year at SWE: As a relatively new Christian, I am excited to develop and stretch my faith by finding out more about God and His work in this community through gaining experience in discipleship and fellowship as well as – of course! – the act of making bread alongside everyone at Somewhere Else.

What is a One Programme Participant?


A One Programme Participant is part of a Methodist Connexion project. The role is to engage young people in the life of the church and their local communities focusing on discipleship, vocation and leadership.


As an OPP, Chris is employed to work with the community of SWE for a year-long, paid, training-provided part-time job.


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