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Our Mission Policy

Somewhere Else – Our Mission Plan:

The calling of the Methodist Church is to respond to the Gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission.  It does this through WORSHIP, LEARNING & CARING, SERVICE, and EVANGELISM.

Somewhere Else is a Christian Community rooted in the Methodist Church and located in the Liverpool city centre. It is part of the Emmaus Methodist Church, which is a group of non-churchbuilding based worship groups, within the Liverpool District.


  1. Why are we here?

Somewhere Else is here to serve the broken, marginalised, transient, chaotic community, of which we are a part, by BEING disciples, GROWING disciples and MAKING disciples.


  1. What are our goals for the next 5 years?

Somewhere Else plans to:

  • retain bread making, its foundation, as a core activity, believing it still has the power to proclaim the gospel both through its symbolism and its shared nature
  • widen the training nature of our community life in partnership with other agencies
  • continue to expand an online presence in parallel with a physical presence, using social media interactively
  • work with other denominations in discerning areas of city life not at present catered for, where our presence and skills may be useful
  • develop contacts with students in the Liverpool universities and FE colleges, who might engage creatively in developing our work, as well as being supportive of the educational chaplains.


  1. What shall we do in the next 12 months?

At present in 2020, times are uncertain and particularly constraining for Somewhere Else whose ministry is ‘of’, ‘with’ and ‘in’ the community, both within the city centre and beyond. Somewhere Else will seek to focus intentionally on the following priorities and especially search for new ways to be alongside people in a Covid world:


  1. Increase awareness of God’s presence and celebrate God’s love


Therefore, we will:

  • underpin everything we do with prayer, seeking to be guided and resourced by the Holy Spirit
  • listen and respond to the whole city: the established & the lost
  • offer outrageous hospitality
  • be an oasis by offering space, silence & calm amidst the chaos of life
  • work with all: ecumenical, spiritual & secular

Action points:

  1. Build on recent Somewhere Else social media prayer initiatives
  2. Continue to create a meditative table centrepiece to reflect the liturgical year and current social justice issues
  3. Complete our Covid-19 commemorative tapestry and share its message
  4. Share homeless communion in the city centre
  5. Offer team preaches throughout the District and to other denominations


  1. Help people to grow and learn as Christians through mutual support and care


Therefore, we will:

  • come alongside those who journey
  • combine the ingredients God offers and seek to shape them in His image
  • provide learning and development opportunities
  • offer creative worship and events

Action points:

  1. Reconnect with the core bread making community
  2. Provide OPP placement 2020-21 – winter wheat growing project
  3. Offer VV placement 2020-21
  4. Participate in CASAI prayer Zoom
  5. Increase confidence in use of technology among community members


  1. Be a good neighbour to people in need and challenge injustice


Therefore, we will:

  • be a place and community of welcome, valuing all
  • offer an inclusive and safer space
  • listen to the stories of others and offer Christ into their lives
  • go out into the city offering spiritual, practical and emotional support to the vulnerable and marginalised
  • be a beacon in the city

Action points:

  1. Offer Zoom bread making and reflection sessions
  2. Share homeless communion in the city centre
  3. Continue with ‘Click and Connect’ to make up and distribute scarves to the vulnerably housed and distribute ‘twiddle muffs’ to those living with dementia
  4. Build on our Christmas sponge bags initiative
  5. Host the OPP winter wheat project
  6. Continue to work alongside CASAI, its lay pastor and survivors
  7. Continue to view films to initiate discussion and action on social justice issues


  1. Walk alongside people if they seek to become followers of Jesus.


Therefore, we will:

  • offer faith development opportunities
  • seek to do things differently

Action points:

  1. ‘Grow’ the community and increase youth participation via winter wheat project
  2. Continue to tell our personal faith stories
  3. Offer themed prayer walks around the city
  4. Continue to encourage creative discussion during all activities
  5. Mentor those on placement with us


  1. How will we do this?

Recognising that how we go about our activity is almost as important as what we do, Somewhere Else agrees to act according to its ‘Code of Respect’ at all times by:


  • Listening
  • Offering choice
  • Respecting confidentiality
  • Showing integrity
  • Nurturing and caring
  • Accepting and celebrating difference
  • Creating safer space
  • Being inclusive
  • Being open-minded


  • Being non-judgemental


This mission plan will be monitored and kept under review by the Emmaus Church Council. It will be revisited annually and re-formed every 3 years.

Ratified by C4: 30/09/2020 Updated: 13/01/2022

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