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Welcome to The Bread Church website.

As of Tuesday, 17th March the trustees of The Bread Church suspended all bread making until further notice. All churches were then ordered, by the government, to close for the foreseeable future, the following week Monday, 24th March, in order to protect the vulnerable and elderly in our society. 


During this time of self-isolation, you will notice that the lay-out of the website is slightly different, so that  a daily prayer and important information are at the start. 


Do scroll through the other pages; to see how we normally work.  We look forward to welcoming you to Somewhere Else in the future.


If you need to contact either our Minister, Reverend Ian Hu, or myself - Lorraine Howarth (Administrator), then email as we are now working from our respective homes for the foreseeable future.


You can also stay connected to our community through our facebook page, which is organised by our One Programme Participant - Laura.



Prayer for today - Wednesday, 8th April 2020

Lord Jesus,

You taught your disciples the importance of prayer and Paul continued this by telling the Ephesians 6. v 17-18 "prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters .....Keep each other's spirits up."


Today, we think of all those people who are serving others: at home, at work, in hospitals and schools, in our armed forces & in our government.  We thank you for their dedication. Give them strength to continue in their work.


Wrap us in your mercy that we too may be ready to serve you in every way.




O Master, grant that I may never see

So much to be consoled as to console,

To be understood as to understand:

To be loved, as to love with all my soul.


Words & Music: Sebastian Temple (based on 'The prayer of St. Francis)

(Complete Mission Praise No. 147)


A palm cross given by a member of the Somewhere Else community, Robert, last year.


Reverend Graeame Dutton of the Bradford South Circuit has written a special poem for Palm Sunday, entitled 'Could this be he?'


Follow the link to hear him.

Daily reflections for Holy Week

During Holy Week, we shall be using the rainbow as a focus for our daily reflections.


Each day, we will focus on a new colour.


As you go on your daily walk, look at all the rainbows in windows and post your rainbow to our facebook page.


Turn to the events page to read more.

Methodist Website Prayer Wall

Here at Somewhere Else, we have a wish wall in the main room.  When we are waiting for the kettle to boil or our bread to prove, then people may physically write their wishes for local and national issues on a post-it and glue it to the wall.  If you log on to the Methodist Website you will find a prayer wall, where you can add your concerns.  


Do take time to have a look, as it is another way for us to feel connected.


On Tuesday evening 24/03/2020 at 8 pm; members of the SWE community said a prayer together, which had been posted on our facebook page.  We will announce our next group prayer via this page.

Live-streamed services each Sunday

Each Sunday morning, you can join in worship from Central Hall Westminster at 11 am by following this


Over the coming weeks, we will also signpost you to different types of worship available from the Methodist website.


We trust that these will help you to feel connected to the wider Christian community.


Here is the poster in our kitchen window. There are two different types of posters.


Decide which you would like and then print.  You can even print a copy to colour in yourself.


Covid 19 - How to get help in the Liverpool City Area- 19/03/2020

Today, Liverpool City Centre Council has issued two telephone hotlines for those who may need help over the coming days, whilst the council's contact centres and One Stop Shops are shut.




Volunteer hotline is 0151 233 3068.

Key tasks will be for people to help deliver medication to those in self-isolation, or check in with neighbours.  Use this number to volunteer for Liverpool Foodbanks.


Support hotline is 0151 233 3066.

This is for people to call if they don't have a support network - friends or family - in place. 


Please continue to check in on one another, and please alert either myself or Lorraine Howarth via


And thank you for continuing to watch out for one another!

Government agrees measures with energy industry to support vulnerable people through Covid 19

Micah Markets at St. Brides & also St Michael in the City - open at present - Thursdays and Mondays

Help for families and young adults during the lockdown - information from LCVS

Food Vouchers available for pupils on free school meals

Parents/guardians of pupils on free school meals are entitled to a weekly £10 food voucher for their child, whilst the school is closed during term time. Information found on the lcvs website  /food-vouchers-available-to-pupils-on-free-school-meals/ offers free online support for young people. is a free, web-based confidential support service for young people.  It provides a safe and secure means of accessing mental health and wellbeing support and it is available now.Information found on the lcvs website /kooth-com-offers-free-online-support-for-young-people/

Welcome to The Bread Church - find out what to expect

News and events


Weekly Reflections whilst Somewhere Else is closed.


What our visitors say

Read some of the  messages from our visitors' book

A typical day

The atmosphere at the breadchurch is very special.

The Cloud Room

Robert has created a beautiful display


Both members of the Somewhere Else and the CASAI communities welcomed the opportunities to grow, share and express creativity around various areas of faith. 


These are some of the results of that time.

This collage was based on ideas contained in At Sea with God by Margaret Silf.

Palm Sunday Quiet Space 2019

On Sunday, the 14th of April, members of Somewhere Else and CASAI (Church Action on Sexual Abuse Issues) met for a time of reflection on the words from Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. The group of fifteen took time to produce decoupage hearts, whilst reflecting on the passage.  Our friend, Carole Benn then led us in a poetry workshop. People produced poems around the themes of "Space" and "Ten Things about Me".


Here is a photograph of some of the work we produced on the day, which is now displayed in our Quiet Room.

Palm Sunday Poems - a workshop led by Carole Benn - 2019

Everything has its time

Absolutely not based on Ecclesiastes Chapter 3  1 -8!


The trouble with Ecclesiastes,

Is that all that rhymes are nasties

Unless you’re in to Cornish Pasties!


So time to create

And agitate,

No more hate

God’s love is great.

His amazing grace

For every race,

Colour and creed

And those in need.


For his grace is the answer to all,

Picks us up with his love when we fall,

And he hears us when we call,

When we throw it- he catches our ball.


The Byrds had a time and season,

A purpose under heaven and reason.


The Bryds, how absurd.

Had they heard

God’s word?


Has God’s calm,

His holy balm,

His loving arm

Kept you from harm.


If not, don’t cry,


Fly – for in CASAI no one asks why,

No questions that pry,

No need to lie,

For in time

Life will rhyme

And you can climb.

It’s not a crime

You just need time

To see a sign,

And meet the vine

Strong and true

Firm as glue.

For God’s in charge

Of life’s decoupage.



Andrew Lovelady


10 Things I love about Myself



Here is my voice – crying out passion with vibrating chords of endless sound.


Here is my sight – eyes caressing the forms, being one with light.


Here is rhythm – percussion, pounding, repeating, my hands dancing, foot tapping, heart racing.


Here is my kiss – no words, just love’s impact, whistling a tune of you and me.


Here is where I stand – treading the boards on the clouds of the earth, ‘Oh my feet ache.’


Here is my flavour – spectrums of taste and colour, eaten well, ‘Tea’s up.’


Here is my idea – Sheer and clear, God gives me skin to fly, watch the gulls and flying thoughts.


Here is your space – my friend no time to waste, together kindred under heaven.


Here is faith – not placed, infinite body, everywhere from me to the master.


Here is God – soul’s seat, complete, a gift for life. My heart is yours.

                                                            Paul Duncan


Heather’s Haiku and other poems



Sunday afternoon


Sharing round a large table


All are fabulous.


Paddle in hand, I’m ready!

Keep an eye on that ball!

Small and white,

Bouncing towards me,

Smack! A point on the board,

Over to you.


Sometimes in the dark


Sometimes in the dark I think

Sleep will never come.

Count backwards, relax, - impossible!


Sometimes in the dark I dream

My handbag gone,

Run, frenzied, wake – a real nightmare!


Sometimes in the dark I feel

Fulfilled, cherished loved,

Safe in God’s care – an answered prayer.



Heather Lovelady






Lunch at Shelly’s


Plan a quiet day

A purpose under heaven

For every season.



Interchangeable Haiku



Having a together time

Need to take some time for me

Space and quiet please.


                                     last 2 lines can read –


Move away from me

Get lost you bobo!


Ode to the Trafford Centre


Take the right road out

Shopping dreams and food

Home away from home.


Palm Sunday Quiet Day


Writing our haiku -

Maybe you can kindly muse




Pride summer season

Celebration of ourselves



Ian Hue


Haiku by Alex


Will I trust again

Open up my heart anew?

And say ‘I love you.’



Is it any wonder

I want to hide deep under

Tough times like thunder!




Bright new days are here

Wiping away every tear

Rising up, no fear.




There’s hurt and pain -

I put on my smile again

No rainbow without rain.




You know my heart’s cry

To my old self I must die

I will heal and fly.


Alex Gayward








We're an inclusive community

The Bread Church (also known as Somewhere Else) is an inclusive community that meets around the making and sharing of bread. We offer a warm welcome, hospitality and friendship to those of all faiths and none. 


We are open twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10.30 - 2.00 to make bread by hand, with individuals and community groups of all ages and abilities.  The sessions include time for:

  • all the elements of making bread,
  • conversation and refreshments,
  • shared reflection and prayers, and
  • a simple meal together, prepared by volunteers and those who come to make bread.  

Anyone wishing to make bread is asked to arrive by 11a.m.  To share in other parts of the fellowship - coffee, conversation, Reflections and lunch - people arrive at any time from mid-morning onwards.


The activity is usually led by our resident Minister, the Revd Ian Hu, and facilitated by a team of volunteers who help with hospitality, and guide visitors through the steps in bread-making.

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