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 Rainbow Reflections for Holy Week 2020 - a sign of hope.

The following reflections were written by Lorraine (our administrator) and Col (a friend of SWE) during Holy Week.  Each day they were also posted on our facebook pages, so that members of the community could interact with the reflection and post images of any objects that they had seen in the relevant colour.


We hope that you will enjoy reading them here in this collection. Perhaps use them as a set of daily reflections for a week, as they were first intended. 


Do still send in any images that you may take of different objects to


Lorraine hopes to produce a booklet to give out to members of SWE, when the time comes that we will be able to share in fellowship and baking again at Bold Street.

Rainbow Reflections through Holy Week

Rainbow Reflections through Holy Week


Yellow is the most visible colour in the rainbow.  It is the first colour processed by the eye.  In Hinduism and Ancient Egypt it is associated with deities.  We associate the colour yellow with happiness, sunshine and warmth, but it can also be linked to caution in traffic lights and signs.  Indeed, it is sometimes used for negative comments, as it is the colour of illnesses like malaria and jaundice.  Cowardice is often linked to the colour too.  In print it is the hardest to see on the page, unless surrounded by darker colours, but then again, black print on yellow paper is easierto read!


In the Bible, yellow symbolises faith, the Glorty of God, joy and the presence of God (Dueteronmy4:24).  It is found in Revelations 21:9 as the colour of the 7th foundation of the New Jerusalem, which represents perfection.  Reflecting on this colour today, I realised that all 7 kitchens that I have lived with over the years have been painted yellow!  From today, the colour will not only represent happiness and joy, but also that God's loving presence is always with us.


Reflection song: God is love, His the Care sung in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. hhtps:// BKA1PE


What positive things do you associate with yellow? Post some images to our facebook page.



Rainbow Reflections through Holy Week


The colour blue is the third primary colour.  It has a positive effect on the brain, helping you to rest and slow the metabolism down.  We associate blue with trust, loyalty and wisdom.  In Ancient Rome, it was associated with public servants and is still used for the police today in many countries.  It is used to describe a "blue ribbon" event or royalty. Sometimes though, it can describe how we are feeling if we are sad.  We all live on a blue planet, when seen from space.


In the Bible, blue is used extensively in the Old Testament, particularly in Exodus and Numbers, where it is associated with the presence of God and the healing power of Yah Weh (God).  Blue helps us to feel closer to the Heavenly Father.


Around my house, I have many collections of blue glass.  When I look at it, I will now be reminded of the depth, stability, trust and loyalty of God, our Heavenly Father, who never forsakes us.


Reflection song: Only by Grace by Graham Kendrick


What positive things do you associate with blue? Post some to our facebook page.


Rainbow Reflections through Holy Week


Indigo is actually a tertiary colour, so is rare in nature.  Scientifically, it is no longer classed as a distinct rainbow colour, though it is clear in today's rainbow image.  Indeed, Pride no longer use it in their rainbow symbol (but for a different reason - Google to discover why.)


Many believe that Sir Isaac newton, who first discribed the spectrum of colours in a prism, only used indigo as he wanted 7 colours, because he believed that 7 had a Cosmic Significance. Whatever we think, indigo is a rare colour in nature and is made from Indikon; a dye that was found in India.


Reflecting on indigo for Holy Saturday, it is an appropriate colour, as it helps us to contemplate the darkness of the world without Christ's resurrection.  On this day, the disciples were hiding in fear.  They were pondering what was happening.  In liturgy, it is the day when "a great silence reigns on earth, a great silence and a great stillness."  This year, in our more silent world, may we remember that there is a great stillness because 'the King is asleep.'


Reflection song: Always Good by Andrew Patterson


How many indigoes will you see today?  Post some to our facebook page.




Leighton, a former facilitator, set himself the challenge of finding and photographing wild flowers in all the colours of the rainbow. Don't they look wonderful?


Many thanks Leighton for sending these images in.

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