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Rainbow Reflections through Holy Week



Yellow is the most visible colour in the rainbow. It is the first colour processed by the eye. In Hinduism and Ancient Egypt it is associated with dieties. We associate the colour yellow with happiness, sunshine and warmth, but it can also be linked to caution in traffic lights and signs. Indeed, it is sometimes used for negative comments, as it is the colour of illnesses like malaria and jaundice. Cowardice is often linked to the colour too. In print it is the hardest to see on the page, unless surrounded by darker colours, but then again, black print on yellow paper is easier to read!  


In the Bible, yellow symbolizes faith, the Glory of God, joy and the presence of God (Deuteronomy 4:24).  It is found in Revelations 21:9 as the colour of 7th foundation of the New Jerusalem, which represents perfection. Reflecting on this colour today, I realised that all 7 kitchens that I have lived with over the years have been painted yellow.  From today, the colour will not only represent happiness and joy, but also that God's loving presence is always with us. 



Reflection song: God is love, His the Care sung in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.


What positive things do you associate with yellow? Post some images to our facebook page.





Heather's Mum's Easter Biscuit Recipe - Click on the Bread Recipe page for details

Turn to our Recipe page to find out how to make these delicious biscuits, as demonstrated on facebook by Laura and Heather.

A Theology of Disruption by Joseph Tenney

"Interruption is God's invitation.  God is inviting us to see him all around us, in the lives of others, in our conversations, in our serving those in need.  It is one of God's ways of waking us up to what's around us."  

Follow the link to Word on the Street's website to read more about how God is inviting each on of us to think again.

Rainbows of solidarity and hope - Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown, Campaigns and Church Engagement Officer, has written a blog about the rainbows that have been appearing in the windows of homes and churches during this time.


She writes about how people are looking for "hope on the horizon" and of the promise for Christians that, "There is a God who offers light in the darkness."


You can read the article by following this link:

A Way to deal with anxiety, whether you believe in God or not - Trey Hall

Trey Hall, Director of Evangelism and Growth for the Methodist Church, first posted this article on facebook.  It has been slightly adapted for the Methodist website.


In the article, Trey gives you practical help on how to cope with anxiety during these unusual times.  It is based on meditation.  Do give the article a read.


A people in exile and a people of hope - thoughts from Ruth Gee.

The Assistant Secretary of the Methodist Conference, Rev. Ruth Gee has written a blog about a people in exile.  She compares the closure of our churches and worship, to the time when the people of Israel were in exile in Babylon.  She reminds us that in "exile the people were still able to continue to worship, to grow in their knowledge of God, to be challenged by new possibilities".  Here is the link to the blog on the Methodist Website


Do take time to read it.

Where is God in my story? Testimonies shared at Newtown, URC.

What does the Bread Church mean to me?  " Belonging."


From the first time I set foot in the Bread Church, I felt a sense of belonging.  It certainly lived up to its name - "Somewhere Else". It's a place where people with different personalities, who come form various backgrounds and have different abilities and disabilities are all the same, all equally valued and loved in that special place.


Whether you are making bread; helping with washing up; making a drink just generally chatting; there is always someone you can share your joys, sorrow, concerns and opinions with.


If you fell the need to be on your own for a while or just in a quieter place; you can sit in the Cloud Room or the Quiet Room.  No one questions or judges you.  


Reflections time is special for me, when we hear a passage read from scripture or just a relfection reading and share with each other what meanings it has for us.  There is then a time for lighting candles and offering up prayers for those people and situation on our hearts.


Lunch is another time for sharing both food and conversations.  After soup is served and grace is said, there is a hush as we all tuck in to the excellent soup and freshly baked rolls.  Conversation soon begins again with a quiet buzz, then full on chatter.


After lunch and helping with washing dishes and clearing up, the bread and rolls etc. are wrapped in paper to take home.


As a facilitator, I am meant to (amongst other definitions) assist, help alongside and encourage, but when I walk out into Bold Street; I feel so blessed.

I have been helped along.

I have been encouraged.

I have been loved.



Sandra - facilitator


What does the Bread Church mean to me? In a word: healing.


Just over a year ago, I lost someone who I was very close to.  At the time, I was in a job that was incredibly stressful, had long hours and offered me very little in return in terms of support and gratitude.  This, unfortunately led to sturggles in both my physical and mental health.  My self-esteem really took a hit.  I didn't feel like myself and I struggled to see the fun, bubbly, outgoing young girl I used to be. 


I had no idea what I needed at this point.  All I knew was that I needed a massive change in my life.  I turned to God and I prayed a lot.  I prayed quite desperately.  I prayed for strength and courage to jump into the unknown and have trust in Him.  I also prayed for some sign of what I should do.


My prayers were answered when I came across this church that does things differently.  I read their website and looked at the things they do and I just thought it was amazing.  Days passed and I could not stop thinking about this church, above a bookshop, that makes bread.  I acknowledged this sign that He had given me and I jumped head first into this new venture.  I joined the team at SWE and very quickly I noticed that I was laughing.  I was laughing all the time.  I developed very strong, genuine relationships early on; some of our regulars started confiding in me about the tough week they'd had or excitedly sharing thier granchildren's milestones.  I started to feel included, appreciated and worthy again.


Something that is so wonderful, and should be cherished about our community is that everyone who comes up the stairs is given the space and the permission to be exactly who they are; without caveats or conditions.  That was, and to some extent still is, exactly what I needed.  By having  that safe space, I was able to start putting myself back together.  I could figure out who I was and start builidng a world in which this person (who I so close to) was not in.  It has not been easy, but through prayer and bu surrounding myself with these amazing, inspiring, loving people; I have started to heal.


I have since realised that I get a lot more out of my job at the Bread Church than I could ever give back.  I am so grateful for the whole SWE community: for making me laugh constantly, for drying my tears and for letting me be myself.


Laura - One Programme Participant


What does SWE mean to me?


Luke 4:18


The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoner and recovery of sight for the blind.


At Somewhere Else the people mean so much to me and so we welcome all to come and participate in the community and in the bread-making.


The atmosphere and the ethos of the place are so much a part of me after 21 years involvement.


Those who feel imprisoned are welcome.  Many are imprisoned by illness, disability, the attitude towards them of society in general.  Those on the margins who feel trapped by the very society that is supposed to be looking after them.  Those with mental anguish, those who have been abused, ignored, hurt, damaged - all are welcome at the Bread Church.


We seek to hold the tension between showing the love of God to all who would come across the threshold and being a safer space.


Somewhere Else means the freedom to be real, the release from the imprisonment of "ordinary" church.  The release from the fear that church is somewhere where "other people" go.  At Somewhere Else, we don't sing hymns - unless people would like to, we don't have pews or hymn books and liturgy.  Our worship is the making, kneading, shaping, baking and breaking of bread.  I love the freedom of the worship space in the Cloud Room where we hold prayerful reflections during each bread-making session.


We seek to be a companion to those who visit.  For "companion" means together with bread - 2 Latin words.


We offer a new way of looking at church - fresh, different, wonky around the edges (we have a poster up on the wall from Lurpak - wonky is good - but it is next to a poster from John's gospel - I am the bread of life.)


So no matter whether your life is easy or difficult; no matter whether you feel trapped and imprisoned or free; no matter whether you feel that you have lost sight of your faith; no matter whether there seems to be no "good news" around you or your community ...... at the Bread church I know that....


The yeast will enliven you.

The flour will be the basis of a loaf to nourish your needs.

The oil will be poured on your troubled waters.

The honey will sweeten your outlook.

The water will immerse you in God's love.

The salt will spice up your worship habits.


For though we are all unique in God's eyes, we all share in the one loaf that is Jesus Christ, whom I see every week in the people that make, bake and break bread in Liverpool City Centre.


That is why I love Somewhere Else.


That is why I use my LOAF and L.O.A.F. - live out a faith with good news, free and in the full sight of God.


Andrew - Circuit Steward and Treasurer






Andrew's Certificate

Here is a photo of Andrew receiving his official facilitator's certificate in November.  Andrew is The Bread Church's Senior Steward and also Treasurer.  He has been part of the community since it began 20 years ago.  However, due to his work commitments it has taken him some time to complete all the elements required of the official training.  The Trustees enjoyed witnessing him receiving his certificate.

Cheryl shines!

Cheryl was really pleased with the loaf that she baked this week.  Every Tuesday, she joins the community of Somewhere Else to bake a loaf, share laughter and biscuits. She also enjoys sharing reflections in the Cloud Room. 


You will often find Cheryl helping to wash up too!

Creative Clare - Thursday, 26th September

Clare, one of our regular visitors, made Lemon and Lime Bread today, with the help of Cindy - a facilitator.  Doesn't it look great? We all wished that we could have had a piece. The bread smelt delicious.  


Stephanie's garlic rolls ready to go into the proving oven.  They were really yummy when she shared them with the group at supper.

This is Stephen's first attempt at making a bloomer loaf.  It looks excellent.

A granary loaf by Denise.  Each loaf has an individual mark on top, so that they can be recognised when they come out of the oven.

Fran made a delicious pizza, as well as a small loaf.

Carolyn looks delighted with the scones that she made.

Andrew's granary rolls came out beautifully.

What a creative evening.  We enjoyed our supper of beans or spaghetti hoops on toast too.  Thanks to Robert who came to help to do the washing up as well. A thoroughly enjoyable evening and reflection time.

Hello to our 2020 LIPA Students 

Every year, we are blessed by students from Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) on placement at The Bread Church as one of the first year placement community requirements for LIPA's Community Drama programme.  This year we have had Rebecca join us on Tuesdays. She quickly became confident as a baker.  Here you can see a caterpillar loaf that she made!


We are soon to be joined by two other of her fellow students. 


Super soup chefs!

Over the last few weeks, members of our community have been preparing and making the soup for our lunch.


Milly and Dominique are seen here preparing the courgettes for our delicious soup. Not only does Milly chop the vegetables, but she is also a dab-hand at blending the soup to

" a silky smoothness."

Vinny is becoming an expert at preparing the peppers without the use of a knife!  If you don't want your knives to become blunt when preparing a pepper, then follow this technique.


1. Wash the pepper.

2. Use your thumb to push the stalk into the pepper.

3. Remove the stalk from the pepper and throw away.

4. Tear the pepper into small pieces using your fingers.

5. Wash the pepper pieces again, to remove the seeds.


Now you can add your pepper to your cooking.

Visitors and Pancakes

On Tuesday, the 5th of March, we had two visitors to The Bread Church.  Pete, from Derby and Bernhard from Germany.  Both had come to see how we "do church differently" here at SWE.  Peter, one of our regular volunteers, was kept busy helping them to bake bread.  

At coffee/tea break, the community enjoyed eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.  Pete and Peter look to be enjoying theirs.

Bernhard is hoping to visit again next week, so we look forward to welcoming him back and hopefully recording a photograph for our website. Check this page next week!

Bernhard returned for a further two weeks, as he enjoyed baking bread and sharing in fellowship with the community here at Somewhere Else.


He returns to Germany next week (25th of March) to continue his studies in Theology.  He hopes to become a Pastor in the Lutheran Church.

Creative bakers

Ged, one of our volunteers, has been experimenting with different bread recipes.  He  made this chocolate cherry loaf, has enjoyed baking and eating  a pizza loaf, onion and poppy seed bread, as well as a fruit loaf.  


He also helps visitors to bake their bread too.  

Stephanie, another volunteer has made milk loaf, as well as this scrumptious brioche. Sue, an expert volunteer, has also trained Stephanie to be "in charge of the ovens" too.

Baking with a difference

One of our volunteers, Carolyn, helped the group to make heart-shaped biscuits and decorate them on Valentine's Day.  Lorraine (our administrator) reports that they were delicious. Everyone really enjoyed decorating and eating them too.

Clare, a regular, helped to shape the dough into heart shapes, with the support of our facilitator trainer, Heather. 


A different way to remember St. Valentine.



Regular Bakers 

Heather Lovelady, our facilitator trainer, presented certificates to Clare, Tina and Kit for all their dedication to breadmaking.  The certificate acknowledges their commitment to The Bread Church and the warm welcome which they each give to new visitors.


Kit is a regular baker on Thursdays.

Clare and Tina also bake with us on Thursdays. Here they are receiving their certificates from Heather Lovelady, our facilitator trainer.

SWE loaves ready for the 3GENERATE Youth Weekend, Southport - 2018.

At the end of 2018, our volunteers were busy baking loaves for the Methodist Youth Weekend in Southport - 3Generate.  Teenagers from all over the United Kingdom came to share a weekend of Fellowship and fun.  As part of the weekend, the Reverend Dr. Sheryl Anderson - our District Chair - and Rev. Sally Binymin - Pioneer Minister - shared communion with the visitors at the event.

Here is a copy of the letter which we received from Sally after the event had taken place.


Dear Somewhere Else, 

Thank you so much for providing loaves of bread for Homeless Communion at 3Generate.  There was in excess of 1200 young people attending and a number of them enjoyed sharing bread from Bread Church and grape juice, homeless communion style, in the open air across the campus at Pontins.  Some were heard to say that that was the best thing they'd taken part in !  The youngsters took out trays of 'wine' and bread and offered it to friends and people passing by as a token of God's grace or just as 'a gift for you.'  There were numerous activities that the youngsters could take part in and we think we released about 500 glasses of                                                                juice and all the the bread went!  People were very warmed to hear that the bread was made at Bread                                                                    Church and enjoyed its unique tastiness too.


                                                          So, many thanks for serving the Connexion in this amazing way.  The youngsters were so utterly blessed!

                                                          God bless,

                                                          love Sal x

Paper's the thing!

The community decided that they would like to reduce the number of plastic bags that they were using each week.  So a large batch of "chippy" paper was ordered; to wrap the bread in.  This can then be placed in a backpack or visitor's bag. 


Our guests have reported that the bread stays fresher for longer too.


Here Carolyn, one of our facilitators, is seen wrapping a loaf for Kit. 




Our film season has finished for a while now.  Check this space regularly to find out our next movie and discussion session.


Films usually take place on a Sunday afternoon in the main room.  During January and February 2019, we watched The Pianist and Romero.  We look forward to discussing The Way, starring Martin Sheen in the future. 


Gather: 2.30pm

Film: 3 - 5pm

Conversation:  5 - 6pm






Our youngest visitor - Bella Rose

Bella Rose (aged 1 month) came to visit her new friends at The Bread Church, with her mum, Joanne.  Tina, as well as the rest of the community, enjoyed welcoming her to our Thursday session.


Joanne is a trained facilitator and carer, who before the arrival of Bella Rose in August, attended with another of our trained facilitators - Milly.  


We look forward to her visiting again in the near future. 

Deep Clean - The community help with this annual cleaning session every year.  Here are some of the photos from 2018.

Deep Cleaning Days 2018


Members of the community spent two days cleaning the rooms at Somewhere Else - and the equipment -from top to bottom!  It was hard work, but they were rewarded with Rev. Ian's tasty chilli con carne and vegetarian chilli as a thank you for all their effort. 


The community is looking forward to welcoming both new and old visitors to bread making and reflections in the coming months.

Methodist Insurance Community Star

In 2017, as part of Methodist Insurance Community Awards competition, Methodist Churches across the country were asked to let them know how their church was reaching out to others and making a difference to people's lives.  The Bread Church was highlighted in the 2018 August newsletter. Look for the "Our daily bread" link on the Community Stars page. 

Josephine Butler Memorial Day

Josephine Butler Memorial Day was recently held in the Church of England Lectionary.  Following a Eucharist Service in the Lady Chapel at Liverpool Cathedral, an awards luncheon was held in the Gilbert Giles Scott Suite. 

The Bread Church was one of several community organisations to be recognised by the Josephine Butler Memorial Trust for its work in Liverpool.  

"Josephine Butler has been described by contemporaries and biographers as beautiful and charismatic.  (She) is remembered for her compassion for prostitutes and her tireless championing of poor women and children."  

Claire Jones, HerStoria, 2012

Creative Loafing

A special visitor from Prague!

Monika Resleróva (Vincentian Volunteer during 2016-17) spent the day with us visiting from Prague, Czech Republic.   The Tuesday group enjoyed re-connecting with her during breadmaking, worship, reflections and lunch.  Monika now teaches primary school children in Prague.


Carolyn (Thursday session facilitator) was able to stop by to join us for lunch during Monika’s visit. 


Monika also met Joseph Rikardsen, our current Vincentian Volunteer (2017-18) 

Facilitator Training will begin again in the Autumn.

Full details on Our Facilitators page

The Middle Room - what a transformation!

For years "The Middle Room" between the Breadmaking Room and Cloud Room has been used to store art and craft materials, broken furniture and any unwanted items.  It's still a drying room for our aprons and tea towels, but Rev Sally Binymin and our Administrator, Lorraine Howarth transformed the main part of the room into this beautiful centrepiece.  It's become a more peaceful and reflective space. Thank you for your hard work, it looks so much better and the room feels better too.  

Volunteering Opportunities

Room hire

Somewhere Else has rooms available to hire. If you know of a group that is looking for meeting space in Liverpool City Centre then please contact Lorraine on 0151 706 0155 for further details. Users must be in sympathy with the ethos of Somewhere Else and the Church Trustees reserve the right to refuse a room booking request.

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