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Milly and Vinnie

Millie and Vinnie are  getting married!


Local poet Judy Mazonowicz treated us to a performance of her poem on National Poetry Day

Deep clean is done!

....our annual deep clean is over until next Autumn.


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Somewhere Else has rooms available to hire.

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Great opportunities to learn new skills in a caring environment

Milly and Vinnie

Congratulations are in order!


Vinnie met Milly at the Bread Church over a year ago.  As they got to know each other, they became good friends and recently decided to get married.  Milly, who is already a facillitator, is pleased that Vinnie has decided to join the team and enrol on our training course.


We wish them both the very best for the future.


Feeling the urge?

The tingling toes,

The shaking hands

The churning stomach

Then the lively mind



Instead of sleeping

A sure sign

A sure sign

A sure sign of either love

Or the creative

A sure sign of not sleeping anyway

Grasp it –

Spit it out

Say it

Don’t let it stay inside and fester

Do it,

Tell her

Tell him

Tell them. -

Paint it

Sing it

Write it

Dance it

Bake it!

Take the chance or being the jester

At least, start it -

Put it down

On paper

Sow the seeds

And then the process can take over….

The sunshine

The womb

The colours

The warmth and time

Will take over


The light blue touch paper

And retreating

The purples bleating

The words competing

The heavy breathing

The oven baking

The movement starting –

Spirals sparking

The laughter and larking

All starting instead of sleeping

Feeling the urge

Do it   Go on Do it


Deep clean is done!

Thank you everyone who helped with our annual deep clean.  It really does make a difference to the Bread Church -  "many hands 'made' light work!".  As usual we enjoyed good conversation, working together, and especially Ian's delicious chili and rice.


During the Tuesday 'Deep Clean' session, we were joined by Sarah Fitton (cleaning a cupboard, top right).  Sarah is training at Luther King House in Manchester for ordained ministry with the United Reformed Church.  She will begin a one year placement with the Bread Church at the end of September but wanted to spend the day helping out and getting to know the community!  We're looking forward to baking and worshipping with you, Sarah!


Many thanks for all of your continued support and love!

Room hire

Somewhere Else has rooms available to hire. If you know of a group that is looking for meeting space in Liverpool City Centre then please contact Lorraine on 0151 706 0155 for further details. Users must be in sympathy with the ethos of Somewhere Else and the Church Trustees reserve the right to refuse a room booking request.

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