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Important Reminder!

Bank Holiday closure  and our annual deep clean dates.

Creative Loafing

Our next session will be on 1 September. Please book in advance

Volunteering Opportunities

Great opportunities to learn new skills in a caring environment

Heroes and Sheroes

Congratulations to Ian and Frances on your awards.



Goodbye Monica

sadly, Monika left this Summer. We wish her all the very best.



Important Reminder!

August Bank Holiday closures, please spread the word!

The Bread Church will be closed during the week of the August Bank Holiday;  (there will be no breadmaking on Tuesday 29 August nor Thursday 31 August). This is so that our hard working volunteers take a break and enjoy the last few days of summer with their friends and families!

Deep Clean

Our annual deep clean will be on Tuesday 5 from 10:30 am to 2 pm.  Lunch will be provided (chilli con carne, vegetarian chilli and rice) to everyone at 1 pm. This annual event is always a great success and the response from our community is always fantastic... it's a true testament to the saying, 'many hands make light work!'

There’s a sign up list on the bulletin board in the Main Breadmaking Room to help us with catering numbers. Alternatively, you can call Toni Poole in the Somewhere Else office on 0151 706 0155 or send a text to the Minister's Mobile 07546 474598 if you would like us to add your name on the sign up list.

If necessary our cleaning will continue on Thursday 7 September from 10:30 am to 2 pm

Breadmaking and worship resume on Tuesday 12 September at 10:30 AM.

Many thanks for all of your continued support and love!


Creative Loafing - 1 September

Our next Creative Loafing event will take place on a Friday 1 September.  These popular evening sessions take place during the lighter months.  The set up is similar to Tuesdays and Thursdays where people are invited to bake bread and share a light meal.   


Everyone is welcome whether you choose to bake or not but please book in advance, contact details by clicking the button below or sign the sheet on the noticeboard next time you're at Somewhere Else.  We are limited to 20 spaces and when that is reached, we will keep a waiting list in case of any cancellations.

Volunteering Opportunities

Heroes and Sheroes Awards

Toxteth Town Hall recently hosted the inaugural 'Heroes and Sheroes of L8' celebration, to recognise the unsung who make a difference to community life in Liverpool.  Rev Ian Hu, our minister at the Bread Church, and Frances Phillips, one of our regular bread makers and worshippers, were selected as part of a group of community leaders presented with badges of recognition by Louise Ellman MP.


Ian was nominated by Martin Zopa Huiskens, a facilitator at the Bread Church.  He writes, "Authentic leadership is rare in our community, particularly with many men who tend to wear many masks.  One of my inspirations for authentic leadership is Ian Hu because he is openly himself... (and) is honest about... his Christian faith."  


Martin continues, "I have read about many leaders from the past, like Issan Dorsey, the Zen Buddhist monk whose biography 'Street Zen' was a real inspiration.  As a Buddhist, I did not expect to find similar authentic leadership in a little Methodist church in Liverpool!  See, Christians can be cool, Christians can inspire and provide authentic leadership.  The 'Somewhere Else' church is a place of refuge for me.  I feel safe there.  May you continue to do your work for our community in Liverpool and beyond."


Ian writes, 'This recognition is 100% the result of the time and energy of all of our volunteer facilitators at The Bread Church who make our Tuesday and Thursday worship expressions come to life through the making, baking and sharing of bread.  Without our volunteers, The Bread Church would cease to exist... they are the TRUE HEROES AND SHEROES!"

Goodbye Monika

Monika was a popular facitator at the breadchurch.  She was a Vincentian Volunteer, someone who takes on the responsibilty of supporting the Minister and Administrator.  And Monika rose to the challenge in so many ways.


We wish her all the very best for the future and look forward to her visiting us soon.  


Thank you Monika for your hard work, your caring nature, your sense of fun and of course, your delicious soup!

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