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Here's Milly, one of our facilitators, taking you through her day at Somewhere Else.  

Meet Milly

Hi My name is Milly


Recently, Milly and her partner Vinnie agreed to be Harry and Megan, to celebrate the royal wedding.  Please click the link below to read the story

                                                            Royal Wedding Fever!


I have been breadmaking for over 12 months, Iand recently became a facilitator.  My job as a facilitator will be to help other people to create the dough - 

  1. I measure the ingredients.  
  2. Add warm water in the jug.  
  3. Add the yeast to the water, then add the honey.  
  4. Mix it all together until frothy.  
  5. Then we mix the ingredients all together 
  6. We have to knead it twice then we have to bake it in the oven.

I enjoy going to breadmaking because I have made new friends.  Ian made me welcome when I first started breadmaking.  Sue and Heather also help out with others so they don't get stuck. Joanne is my carer and she takes me to to breadmaking without Joanne i wouldn't be able to go and see my friends and do something I really enjoy doing. 

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