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Facilitator Training Summer 2018

A typical training day

We had a practical breadmaking day with Ian leading the session.


We all baked one loaf each using different flours, but Ian and Lorraine both baked wholemeal bread which (as usual for wholemeal bread as it contains less gluten than white or granary) needed more time to rise during proving.


Training over for the day!  From the left - Joseph, Sarah, Sharon, Frances, Cindy and Lorraine.


Our Facilitators


"I like it here.  I like to come here to make bread."

George tries to come as often as he can, usually on Tuesdays and is one of our newest facilitators.

He also said, " Ilike to come into the Cloud Room to say a prayer"  


"I love Somewhere Else - it's a refreshing oasis!"

Peter enjoys helping first time breadmakers with their steps.  He also shares his breadmaking skills with the community at Woodchurch Methodist Church in Birkenhead.  


"I'd been hearing about the breadchurch for years."

"I started coming as a visitor once I retired.  I'm now a facilitator and very happy here.  I enjoy meeting nice new people."


"I feel very comfortable here.  It's therapeutic!"

"! come to the breadchurch on Tuesdays and Thursdays."  Cindy is an adventurous baker - she bakes all sorts, including baguettes, fruit loaves and buns. cheese and onion loaves and chili cheese rolls. 


"I always look forward to Thursdays"

Sue joined the breadchurch several years ago. "I've lived in a few communities, so enjoy the community spirit. support and caring that's part of every healthy community."


"I enjoy going to breadmaking because I have made new friends."

Milly is one of our newest facilitators, having recently completed her training.  She's so full of life and fun that she brings a lovely energy to the breadchurch.


Meet Milly


"I qualified as a baker's assistant a few years ago.  I'm very happy here."  

As you can see from the photograph, Harry  is in the middle of baking his beautiful light bread.  


Ian is from San Francisco and has been our minister since 2009.

"The team of volunteers we have here have really gelled together and it's a kind of well-oiled machine."

Tuesday's team

Peter, Cindy, George, Keith, Joseph with Lorraine at the front

Thursday's team

Lorraine, Ian, Sue Milly, Cindy, Martin, Joanne and Carolyn
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