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Laura Burton - our One Programme Participant

Laura is our ONE Programme Participant, which is part of a Methodist Connexion project. Her role is to engage young people in the life of the church and their local communities focusing on discipleship, vocation and leadership.


As an OPP, Laura is employed to work with the community of SWE for a year-long, paid, training-provided part-time job.


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Here, Laura will explains her role, what she does and why she loves it:


Working at the Bread Church, so far, has been incredible. I have had some amazing opportunities to plan and lead my own sessions and events here as well as work collaboratively with the community.


The Bread Church has helped me open my eyes and my heart to the awesome work that God is doing here in the city centre of Liverpool. I have made firm, lasting relationships with many in the community, all from different walks of life; the elderly, the homeless, asylum seekers, people with physical and mental disabilities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community and many more.


If you chose to be an OPP at Somewhere Else, then you can guarantee you will have the support and trust of the team to create your initiatives and to be creative with your work and with your faith.


Not only have I grown immensely from a professional point of view; gaining skills such as team leadership, event planning and of course, bread making! But I have also grown so much in my confidence, my faith and my relationship with God.

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