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Missing SWE Reflections?    Take a look at the Facebook page Sthie - At home - Worship from the Isle of Man

Sthie is one of the online worship services provided on the Isle of Man to enable you to join in a Methodist act of worship. Sthie (pronounced 'sty') is the Manx word for 'at home'.


It is led by the Reverend Andy Fishburne, one of the ministers on the island, who has been there since 2017. As part of the Bible Study you can download a page to use alongside the 'reflection style worship'.  Visitors to Somewhere Else are familiar with this style of worship, as we discuss a bible passage read during our reflection time at 12.30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Each week, Rev'd Andy focuses on a passage from the Bible, explains some background information and encourages you to focus on a word or passage that "speaks to you." 


There is an accompanying worksheet to help you to jot down your thoughts. Click here to download a copy.


Do take time to join one of the weekly Sthie. 

Here's how.

There are several ways to access Sthie.

1. If you use Facebook, click on this link to join the Sthie group. Each week we host a 'watch party' where people all connect together at the same time and worship together. You can do this on any device that accesses Facebook — apart from Apple iPads. (For some annoying reason it doesn't work on them). There are also optional small groups for mutual support, and space to discuss whatever you like.

Facebook Group

2. A video will appear our YouTube Channel on Sundays. Here's a link:

YouTube Channel

Reverend Andy Fishburne, minister on the Isle of Man, who leads the Sthie sessions each week via facebook and youtube.

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