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Annual Report 2021-2022


Since reopening to the general public in September 2021, we have welcomed old friends and new at our weekly baking and A2B sessions, as well as our Friday Evening Creative Baking.

On average, we have welcomed a 106 people each month to our rooms.

We have seen an increase in our Facebook reach of 20 people since last year, which means that we reach 70 people each post.

It has been wonderful to share our faith with all those who step across the threshold of Somewhere Else.


Social media and SWE 

Since returning to meeting in our Bold Street premises, Somewhere Else has continued to connect with our community via our website and Facebook pages. We have shared reflections based around the Psalms, twice weekly prayers and news about the different activities that have been taking place.


Our Facebook pages have meant that those who have moved away from Liverpool can still feel part of our community. It is always lovely to welcome returnees to the Second Floor of Bold Street.


Our Lenten series of talks took place via Zoom, which meant that we could welcome friends across the North West to the discussions. This year’s talks were based around, “It’s our world – isn’t it?”

They included Desert Places, Lament and Loss, Repent or Perish, Coming Home, Anointing the World and Cloaks and Palm Trees. The reflections were led by members of the community. The Chair of District, Reverend Dr. Sheryl Anderson led us in the Holy Week talk about Betrayal or Hope?



Alternatives to Bread


On returning to Bold Street in September 2021, it was decided that we would bake bread on just one day a week. The other day would be called an Alternative to Bread session. We began by weaving wheat stalks left over from the Grain. Gather. Grow. Project. We also used the stalks in November to make decorations for the tree that we decorated as part of the Christmas Tree Festival held at St Bride’s Church in Liverpool. It certainly helped our concentration skills as well as our dexterity of fingers.


Other crafts that we have made included painting daffodils for cards, our life journeys using magazine photographs and tissue paper, as well as baking scones, biscuits and making peppermint creams. At first, all of these activities took place wearing masks and observing social distancing until overtime the government eased restrictions.

Toiletry Bags for the Homeless Christmas 2021 Appeal

Once again we were able to pack 40 bags for the Homeless of Liverpool before Christmas. We then distributed them to 37 individuals who were on the street. Over the year, we have continued to pack bags and hand them out most weeks with the help of our visitors, as well as our facilitators.

“Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” – Matthew 4:4


Five members of Somewhere Else began to explore how to do mission differently with the help and guidance of Hayley James, the Liverpool District Mission Enabler. Once a fortnight, we meet to have a meal, share worship and discuss the different projects that we are trying in our areas: from coffee with new Mums; an Ecumenical retreat day; engaging with students; a Re:claim craft project for women to take time to be still; to Feeding Body and Soul in Liverpool.

Here are the aims of the project:


The Neighbourhood Project is a missional piece of work being undertaken by the Liverpool Methodist District with funding from the Connexion.


Our aim is to:

  • Explore a new missional approach to being the church, outside of the church walls
  • Enable members of the project to be missional in all aspects of their daily lives, with the people they spend the majority of their time
  • Develop a new form of worshipping community, rooted in the missional work of the project.

Feeding body and soul

On Thursday and Friday, 2nd and 3rd June 2022, the community created a space for the Feeding Body and Soul event, as part of the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival which took place across the city.  We baked 250 rolls, packed them in bags and then set up a stall on Bold Street outside our entrance; to hand out free rolls to passers-by. By the end of the day, we had handed out 230 rolls, held conversations with people about our work and also given out our new leaflets. It was a day of friendship, fun and faith with a real community spirit.

People were also encouraged to climb the stairs up to the second floor and follow the “labyrinth” based on the six ingredients that make up our bread rolls. It was a time for visitors to rest a while, away from the busyness of the festival and to consider how God is calling His people here in this community to minister to those seeking to find space and meaning in their lives. The visitor was encouraged to read, explore, meditate and if led, pray about the amazing and outrageous hospitality that God offers to each one of us in His world through the simple act of making a loaf of bread.

News from CASAI


Another year of support and connection for CASAI and SWE. It is always a blessing to be included in their prayers and the Church Council and great that members of CASAI are able to pop in throughout the year.

SWE celebrate the positives, as well as advertising and promoting significant dates for CASAI such as Halloween and Bonfire night – which can be a difficult time as we remember some of the triggers for survivors. Members of SWE also take part in the ODD SOCKS DAY event.


Col She/Her




For many organisations, the 2020/2021 financial year has been challenging - no more so than in the SWE community. Andrew, our Treasurer, budgeted for a deficit which duly came about.  With no bread-making physically taking place and no meetings at Bold Street, our income fell dramatically. Our thanks must go to our landlords, News from Norwhere who continued to hcarge a reduced rent and, thanks to the generosity of many, our dinances remain stable.  However, we cannot continue to run a deficit and, once matters settle down to "a new normal" we will look again at our costs and income position.  We continue to thank God for the ministry that SWE brings to so many who are disadvantaged and challenged in many different ways and pray that this may be sustained through the financial and spiritual health of our amazing community of God's people.




Andrew Lovelady - Treasurer


And finally,


May the peace and joy of Christ be with you this Christmas and into 2023.

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